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Trademark registration

Purtăm o discuție despre marca pe care doriți să o înregistrați și alte informații specifice, necesare înregistrării.

Documentary research

Prior to registering a trademark, it is recommended that you have a clearer picture of what trademarks are registered for the classes you want or what trademarks might be opposed to registering your trademark.

ORDA software registration

Software application companies are required to register with the Romanian Copyright Office (ORDA) to protect them.

Appeal procedure at OSIM

The appeal procedure can be used for the same reasons as in the case of the opposition, when the right to the opposition was not exercised in time but when following a Provisional Refusal Notice the trademark was rejected from registration.

ARP (Provisional Refusal Notice)

To continue with the registration procedure, the response to the irregularities reported by the examiner through the Provisional Refusal Notice must be submitted within 3 months. We can help you formulate an answer as convincing as possible for OSIM or EUIPO.

Opposition to trademark registration

Within two months from the date of publication of the trademark application, according to art. 17, any interested person may object to the registration of the trademark.

Intellectual property disputes

The NOMENIUS team, composed of our specialists in intellectual property (lawyers and intellectual property advisers), with over 12 years' expertise, focuses on finding the best solutions for the litigious problems that arise between the trademark or copyrights holders and third parties. .

Patents Invention registration at OSIM

The patent grants its holder an exclusive right to exploit the invention for its entire duration.

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