The patent grants its holder an exclusive right to exploit the invention for its entire duration.


Registration of inventions and obtaining patents

Registering a patented invention gives you exclusive rights to it and gives you protection in case someone else wants to use it in any way, or tries to register it on your own behalf to have the same protection as you.

The registration of a patent is possible only if it is new, involves an inventive activity and can be easily reproduced by a person skilled in the art.


We support you throughout the registration process:

We prepare in advance the research report on inventions already registered to save you from unnecessary expenses;
We prepare the patent application in accordance with the rules in force;
If, following the request made by us, on your behalf, a third party opposes the registration of the patent, we will respond to the respective revocation request so that the registration will be successfully completed. In the event that we consider the request for revocation to be relevant and the meeting would not be successful, we will notify you this in time, exempting you from unnecessary expenses;
We can defend your rights by combating the reasons for the revocation requests made by third parties based on our extensive experience in the field;
We can also represent you before the courts for the annulment of patents that infringe your rights or for compensation.

Our team of industrial property consultants and professional lawyers will handle your application fully and will oversee it throughout the procedure, informing you periodically about each stage.


Why use our services?

Because each stage of the procedure for obtaining the patent costs and you, by using our services, you can minimize these costs.

  • We can advise you in advance whether your request will be resolved successfully or not;
  • We can prevent you from unnecessary expenses by drawing up the documentation report;
  • We can protect your exclusive patent rights by monitoring the bulletin in which the new inventions submitted for patenting are published, in order to be able to make revocation requests;
  • We can defend your rights by combating requests for revocation, made by other parties, based on extensive experience in the field.

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