Experienced lawyers in the field of intellectual property.

The NOMENIUS team, composed of our specialists in intellectual property (lawyers and intellectual property advisers), with over 12 years' expertise, focuses on finding the best solutions for the litigious problems that arise between the trademark holders or copyrights and third parties. .

Why is it important to have experienced intellectual property lawyers?

Controversial aspects of intellectual property rights can, most often, create conflicts that are difficult to resolve amicably, the only correct and stable way to permanently stop them, being the judicial way through the competent courts.

Finding the violation of the right conferred by the registration of a trademark, an industrial design, or a patent of invention, forcing the cessation of third parties to use in their activity the name for which the client obtained protection, finding the material damage as a consequence of the act Counterfeiting, or awarding damages for infringement, are just a few of the litigation issues in which our lawyers can provide specialized support and advice.

After an objective analysis of the factual situations, we can also find solutions in alternative systems to the courts (such as the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)) where our lawyers have a long experience, putting the client's problem on first place.

What are we pursuing?

Dispute resolution is a priority for lawyers and intellectual property advisers NOMENIUS, offering its clients the assurance that their intellectual property rights are well protected.


time, money, procedures


increasing the number of processes won

Where and to whom we can represent:


Industrial and intellectual property disputes

We can assist and represent the Romanian or foreign natural or legal persons in litigations having as object the defense of the industrial and intellectual property rights in the territory of Romania, before the courts .


Romanian or foreign natural or legal persons

In order to protect the rights of intellectual and industrial property, we can offer assistance and representation to the Romanian authorities as follows: National Customs Authority, OSIM, ORDA and the Romanian Police.


Representation in front of the various bodies of collective management

UCMR-ADA (Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania-Copyright Association) manages the rights of music authors.

DACIN-SARA (the Society for Copyright in Cinematography and Audiovisual - the Society of Romanian Authors of Audiovisual) manages the rights of authors of audiovisual works.

COPYRO (Copyright Management Society in the field of Written Works) manages the rights of authors of written works.

VISARTA (Society of Collective Management of Copyright in the field of Visual Arts) manages the rights of authors in the field of visual arts.

Composers , performers , musicologists , film and audiovisual authors , actors , authors and not only, can benefit from the copyright representation services offered by Nomenius.

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