The utility of a documentary research

Prior to registering a trademark, it is recommended that you have a clear picture of what trademarks are registered for the classes you want or what trademarks might be opposed to registering your trademark. This service is not required, but it may be necessary to exempt you from additional costs such as:

  • Existence of a registered trademark on the desired classes. In this case you can receive an opposition to which you have to give an answer, its formulation requires the payment of another fee.
  • The trademark can be rejected on registration because there is already an identical one, the holder demonstrates to OSIM, EUIPO or WIPO this and all taxes paid will not be refunded.
  • All investments made in unprotected and unregisterable brand can be a useless investment that your competitor can benefit from.

We recommend that before you invest in advertising the products you are going to market, you should call for a documentary research (in order not to infringe the rights of another owner and not to allow competitors to copy your ideas without having a registered trademark) . If the answer of the research is favorable, you can immediately register the trademark. Thus, any investment made in radio, TV and online advertising: Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Google Adwords will not be useless.

Types of documentary research we can provide (depending on your brand, we will recommend what kind of research we need to do):

  • Documentary research having the identical verbal part;
  • Documentary research with figurative elements;
  • Documentary research having combined elements (figurative element and text);
  • Documentary research regarding the holder's portfolio;
  • Documentary research on the portfolio of an authorized representative;
  • Document research on one or more class marks;
  • Documentary research on trademarks at European level;
  • Documentary research on international trademarks.
  • Documentary research on national trademarks in more than 80 countries .

The steps we recommend to protect the trademarks:

Documentary research for the desired trademark at registration

As a result of this documentary research you will receive a report with information about the trademarks already registered with your brand or registered in the desired classes. Plus many other information but also useful recommendations.

Trademark registration

If the answer of the documentary research is favorable to you then the trademark application can be submitted.

Monitoring of registered trademarks

The monitoring service is recommended in order to avoid the re-registration by a third party of bad faith of the trademark registered by you. Through this service, we will monitor all trademark applications so that your rights are not harmed. Monthly, over 15,000 trademark applications are submitted, and the identification of all re-registration attempts is extremely difficult without specialized help.

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