Are you passionate about Intellectual Property?

Below you will find some reasons why we feel it is good to be part of our team:


Why us?

A homogeneous team

Our team consists of lawyers and consultants specialized in IP.

We are investing in the future

If you are a Law student and want to deepen the field of intellectual property, please contact us.


You will be able to contribute to the development of some very important projects in the field of intellectual property.


You can get in touch with our clients who are from different fields such as: fashion, football, cinema, production, etc. Some of them are also known worldwide.


You can earn money by doing something you like and your revenue will increase according to your performance.


We participated in various networking meetings, conferences, events that in time you would have the opportunity to represent us.


Depending on the type of collaboration we establish, we can choose the option to work at our headquarters or work from home on different projects.

Be different!

Try until you succeed , there are few cases where the projects do not succeed from the beginning. But if the result is not the one we want, we deepen and try again, we do not waste our time losing projects, we "waste" our time learning how to win.

But best of all, come and talk to one of our colleagues, your future colleagues. 🙂

Only then you will see if it suits you or not, talking to one of your future colleagues, not just the HR man or the manager of the company.

Choose one of the vacant jobs and send us your CV. Please tell us why you want to apply for it in a letter of intent.


  • Intellectual property internship -  it lasts 3 months, with the possibility of permanent collaboration..
  • IP Research Specialist - Part-time or Full-time contract

In a team everything is easier, in a team we are stronger.

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