We are authorized by the National Chamber of Industrial Property Advisers in Romania since 2006.

During all these years, Nomenius has supported the registration of more than 2000 trademarks.

Carrying out its activity at a national, European and international level through its lawyers and industrial property advisors, the agency offers security to its clients through specific legal advice in intellectual property (OSIM, EUIPO and WIPO registration procedure) and also by assisting its clients in the case of litigation.

Our philosophy.

We offer our services as if we were the beneficiaries.

For over 10 years, customers have returned to us and have recommended us.

Our clients` opinion

Who can benefit from our services?

Any legal person or natural person can use our intellectual property services.

We work with each client on a strategy to protect the trademarks in which he invests. Strategy which provides clients with the power and development opportunities on the Romanian, European Union and international level.

Why did customers choose Nomenius services?

  • First of all, there are certain stages in the process of registering a trademark in which the oral support of a lawyer can be beneficial. A lawyer knows the legal basis and can bring a plus by offering the relevant motivations and consulting needed with the experience gained over time.
  • Secondly, difficult situations may arise even when the trademark has been successfully registered. For example, a competitor may try to register a similar trademark or market a product under the same trademark - without being entitled. In the event that conflicts like these arise, the same lawyer who registered your trademark can help you amicably resolve the situation, or represent you in court - without passing the file on to someone who knows nothing about it.

  • Our customers say that efficiency, transparency and communication are the elements that characterize and differentiate us.

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